Friday, May 13, 2005

MPI 205, MPI206, MPI208 : Why I Should get a High Distinctions

Why should I get a High Distinctions?, the question should be, What is an high Distinction for multimedia students and why is it so important?

I think a High Distinctions in this course is everything. Why because if you get High Distinctions then you must of done some outstanding work. As for other courses, where a portfolio is not required then P's get the Degree's. So what is a High Distinction for Multimedia people, the answer is quite easy, increase of 7.73% chance of getting a job.

Thats Why we all deserve High Distinctions for this Research assessment.

Because for all those who are just going for pass's your job rate situation is at 3.87%, and good luck with that.

Thursday, May 12, 2005

MPI206 : E3 is coming

As E3 approaches it comes with great excitement, E3 is the time of the year where all game Developers come to display their work. This year all 3 major console companies are coming to deliever their work, So there will be clips of the next line of computer graphics at work.

Xbox 360; Xbox 360 Specs

Playstation 3; Playstation 3 Specs

Nintendo Revolution; Nintendo Revolution Specs

This year seems to be the year where in game graphics ments movie special effects. Maybe the next line after these realism will be successful.

Monday, May 02, 2005

MPI205 / MPI206 : Chris Marker La Jetee

Chris Markers Best known work thanks to Hollywood's Box office Smasher "12 monkeys" is La Jetee. My personal take on the short film is that Chris Marker was warning the world that its destruction could be very soon. As you see with the images of World war 2 and the destruction of France with the use of Nuclear Weapons.
During the time La Jetee the film was made the 2 great superpower the USA and USSR were on a arms race thus being the "Cold War". During this time enough Weapons of Mass Destruction were built that could kill everything on the surface , driving mankind under the surface.
This is the part of the film that Chris Marker added in that was fiction because the destruction of the world seemed very possible at that time of age.

Thursday, April 28, 2005

MPI206 : 1 minute Blind Assessment

I do not like this assessment, because if someone was blind they could never know what anything looks likes without the use of touch. Only through discribitions they can understand what something looks like that they can not feel or touch.

If you asked a blind person what colour is the sky, then a blind person would most likey say the sky is blue, but if you have not see the colour blue then you would ask the question what does blue look like?
Honesty what does blue look like, how can you describe a colour without using a colour to reference it, that is a question for you all to play with. We all can assume what they would want to see but they are all assumptions.
I will most likey ask friends and family what they would want to see if they ever were blind, or a better question if they were going blind what would they like to see before it happened. My answer is the sky, I always like to look up at it marvel at its grace.

Monday, April 18, 2005

MPI206 : Unreal Engine

In this Assessment it is my job to make weapons and vechiles for a Unreal Tournment 2004 modification. As I am apart of a group project making a the Unreal Tournment 2004 Modification I decided to research into the way that the Unreal Engine works. We will be using Unreal Tournment 2004 which uses the Unreal Engine 2.
At this very moment i am learning parts of the Unreal Code, for the creation of my weapons scripting this code is a major part in its development.
Trying to Relate the karma data in this engine has been the most difficult. The Karama is the physic of the engine, the way that the world relates with the character, vechiles, staticmesh's, weapons and AI.


Integrated Karma rigid body physics engine bundled with Unreal Engine 2 at no extra cost, supporting:

* Ragdoll skeletal character animation.
* Vehicle physics, including Internet multiplayer support.
* Physically interactive game objects.
* Integrated physics-driven animation eases network programming and animation replication.
* Supports a variety of collision primitives allowing designers to make fine tradeoffs between performance and accuracy.

Alot that might sound good the Karma engine is crap. A very bad piece of the engine, and changing it so that weapons intergrate into it is difficult, but i am slowly ironing out the wrinkles.

Sunday, April 03, 2005

MPI205 : Human Movement

In my Animation I am planing on using alot of human walk, run, jog, and jump cycles. So I decided to research on how the human body works when it is executing these cycles. During my Research I came aross many sites, some very different to others. But they all seemed to appealed to my animation. I have added in the links of the most useful webpages to this topic.

Honda Worldwide

In Honda Worldwide they demostate the walk cycle of a human being but using robots, " The robot's walk is modeled on a human being's ". This site showed in detail how the human Joints work and the joints thatI have used on my Character where very similar.

Personal Robot's get ready to walk on human side

Human walking stability and reaction to disturbances

The control of human walking was analysed by means of electromyographic (EMG) and kinematic methods. Particular emphasis was placed on the walking system reaction to unexpected optical disturbances and how stability is maintained. By measuring delay times, phase changes and by correlating muscle activities with changes of movement we expect to gain information on the strategies of stability maintenance during biped walking.

Saturday, April 02, 2005

MPI206 : Game Evolution

As a part of this Unreal Tournment Modification, I have decided to take a look back into the first stepping stones of Games I was invovled in. The very first game I can remember playing was on our commodore 64, this game was called Hounded Boot. The most enjoyable aspect of this game was that you where able to buy a grey hound and train it up to be a champ. All I can recall of the look was that it was pixles, that were shaped as dogs and ran down a straight strip of track. At that time it was very impressive, but to today standards it is laughable. It was not till last year I decided to go back and find the game online, at this time of day it was a free game which made it more fun, playing it brought back good memory's. After hounded boot the next game I really got into was Dune II, by Westwood studios, at this time I was very excited about computers and wanted to know more. This game I played all the time. It was the first game I finished on my own, and I finished it with all the 3 houses, although at the ending of all of them the Emperor betrays you and each ending is different and I still remember the short pixle into at the start.

Land of sand, home of the spice melange,
who ever controls the spice controls the Empire.
The Emperor has opposed a challenge to each of the house.
Emperor Talks - "Who ever produces the most spice will control Dune,
there are no set territories and no rules on engagement"
Varsed Army's have arrived and 3 houses now fight for control of Dune,
"The Noble Atreides",
"The Insidist Ordos", and
"The Evil Harkonnen"
Your Battle Begins NOW!

This game was the turning point for all Real Time Strategy games (RTS). After this game was produced many others followed, Warcraft, and Command & Conqure series.